SUNTECH Motorized Twin Warp Beam Lift Trolley With Harness Mounting Device

Group Motorized Warp Beam Carriers
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2020-05-07
Item specifics
Usageweaving beam and heald frame transport
StructureRoll Container
MaterialCarbon Steel
ItemElectric Beam Trolley
Carrying capacity1000-2500KGS
Beam flange diameter800-1250mm
Beam barrel diameter100-400mm
Warranty13 months from date of shipment
  • Description
SUNTECH Motorized Twin Warp Beam Lift Trolley
(FOR TWIN WARP BEAMS; WIDER WIDTH) Suitable for Twin Bottom Beams transporting, inserting in weaving machines. The harness is accommodated by the standard take-up for the harness frame or the complete warp stop motion.
Carrying Capacity:

1000-2500kgs for Bottom Beam
400kgs for Heald Frame
Beam Flange Diameter:

Beam Barrel Diameter


Two DC motors


Lifting Height:

800mm for Bottom Beam
2000mm for Heald Frame
1).Regular drive with 2-DC drive motors.
2).Maintenance-free battery.
3).Electronic pulse steering for smooth starting and braking.
4).Automatically extending support rollers for transverse movement.
5).Lifting movement by the motor-driven with automatic quick lift.
6).Harness mounting device.The carrying arms are guided parallel to keep the warp tension even.