SUNTECH Hydraulic Warp Beam Lift Trolley for Twin Beam Transporting

Group Hydraulic Warp Beam Trolleys
Min. Order 1 piece
Terms of Payment L/C, T/T
Update Time 2019-06-17
Item specifics
Usageweaving beam and heald frame transport
StructureRoll Container
MaterialCarbon Steel
ItemSuntech Hydraulic Warp Beam Lift Trolley With Harness Mounting Device
Carrying Capacity1000-2000kg
Beam Flange Diameter800-1250mm
Lifting Height:700mm for bottom beam,1950 for head frame
Beam Barrel Diameter100-400mm
Hydraulic CylindersTwo
  • Description
SUNTECH Hydraulic Warp Beam Lift Trolley for Twin Beam Transporting
(FOR TWIN WARP BEAMS; WIDER WIDTH) Suitable for Twin Bottom Beams transporting, inserting in weaving machines.The harness is accommodated by the standard take-up for the harness frame or the complete warp stop motion.
Carrying Capacity:

1000-2500kgs for Bottom Beam
400kgs for Heald Frame

Beam Flange Diameter:


Beam Barrel Diameter:


Hydraulic Cylinders:


Hydraulic Unit:


Lifting Height:

700mm for Bottom Beam
1950mm for Heald Frame
1).Separate steering by push/pull bar at both sides.
2).Steering in travelling direction fixable on the left and rightside.
3).Two steered wheels and two guided wheels.
4).Wheels with ball bearings and thread protection caps.
5).Lifting movement by the hydraulic foot pedal with automaticquick lift.
6).Harness mounting device.The carrying arms are guided
parallel to keep the warp tension even.