ST-WFIM-II Woven Inspection Machine--Lucky Textile & AL-Karam Textile in Pakistan

      Model ST-WFIM-II Woven Inspection Machine (with Tension Control) is based on the standard ST-WFIM Woven Inspection Machine's structure, that we extend the ST-WFIM's function with tension control system for elastic fabrics. It is an ideal choice for elasctic woven fabrics and the knitted fabrics which has a little elasticity and no curled edges.      

1. Lucky Textile Mills Ltd. (Pakistan)

      Lucky Textile Mills, the fantastic textile manufacturer in Pakistan who has bought our knit inspection machine ST-KFIM-01 in 2013, bought 3 sets of ST-WFIM-II Woven Inspection Machine (with Tension Control) from us in 2015.

      And the machines are still running so well in 2016 when we are visiting the factory:


 2. AL-Karam Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd. (Pakistan)

      AL-Karam Textile Mills Pvt. Ltd., the big manufacturing group in suppling distinguished fabric for apparel, home and industrial markets, has bought 3 sets of our ST-WFIM-II Woven Inspection Machine(with Tension Control) in 2014.

      And after experienced the good quality of our machine, in 2016, they bought another 3 sets of this machine from us.

      The key points that made AL-Karam Textile continuously bought total 6 sets of ST-WFIM-II from us is its good quality and stable working condition.

      Model ST-WFIM-II has well reflected our ability in customization. And it is because in the 40 years development, Suntech never stop creating and improving the technics. And in the future, Suntech will keep on devoting to supplying the most suitable machines to our customers.