ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine--Hayleys Fabric PLC. in Sri Lanka

      ST-KFIM Knit Inspection Machine (with Conveyor System) is ideal for knitted fabrics with big batch inlet form (the A-frame roll). It is specially designed with the fabric accumulator and conveyor system for reducing the processing tension of big batch. It can also allow fabric fold form or normal fabric roll input.

      Hayleys Fabric PLC., the great manufacturer of knitted fabrics in Sri Lanka, continously purchased 8 sets of our ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine in 2014 and 2015.

      And today, our machines have been shown on their website as the demostration of their quality control sector (

More photos of our machines taken at their factory:

      Suntech ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine

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