The meltblown machines bought by millions of people cannot produce qualified masks. How to buy meltblown machines?

The meltblown machines bought by millions of people cannot produce qualified masks. How to buy meltblown machines?


Since the outbreak of covid-19, the demand for melt blown cloth and melt blown machines has been released. When manufacturers purchase meltblown equipment, they only seek speed, not quality, which leads to the fact that the meltblown machine that has been purchased for millions of dollars cannot produce qualified meltblown cloth. How to buy a melt blown machine?

With the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the number of confirmed diagnoses worldwide has soared exponentially. It has reached a disaster level. The epidemic in Europe and the United States is particularly serious. Some machine manufacturers or peripheral industry manufacturers have their own businesses affected by the epidemic and have to be suspended. At the same time, masks The industry has ushered in business opportunities, and many manufacturers have transformed and joined the ranks of mask production.


From the analysis of the market environment, the mask market is still in high demand. The influx of mask manufacturers has led to insufficient upstream supply. Melt blown cloth is a key part of masks that really plays a role in bacteria isolation and is also a necessary material for the production of masks. Melt blown cloth needs a large amount of to share to linkedin


In the short term, mask manufacturers can choose to purchase meltblown fabric products to solve the problem of raw materials. However, in the long run, the entire industrial chain will eventually tend to be integrated, and only self-built production lines can maximize profits. In other words, if you plan to produce masks for a long time, self-built meltblown production line is essential.


When many manufacturers buy meltblown machine, they only seek speed, not quality. They dont understand mask production but blindly invest in meltblown equipment. However, the meltblown machine itself varies from good to bad, resulting in a meltblown machine that costs millions to buy. Many months of debugging have failed to produce qualified meltblown cloth. On the one hand, cost recovery is hopeless. On the other hand, the business opportunities of the epidemic are fleeting, and more and more companies have joined the mask industry, and competition is becoming increasingly fierce. So what should you pay attention to when buying meltblown equipment?Click to share to Facebook


1. Manufacturer qualifications and qualifications

Many equipment providers have just transferred from laymen to the machinery manufacturing industry and have no qualifications to manufacture melt blown equipment, or have just started producing melt blown equipment. There are no purchase cases and old customer reviews for reference, which increases the risk of purchase. The person may become a guinea pig.


As one of the leading designers and manufacturers of textile machinery, Suntech has complete equipment production qualifications. It has more than 4,500 customers and 10,000 machine installation cases around the world. It has a high return rate and excellent reputation. 

2. After-sales service of the manufacturer

Many new equipment providers who have just been transformed into only make quick money and do enough marketing. After the equipment is sold, the world evaporates. Delays in delivery and no after-sales service are everywhere. Buyers may not get it. Arriving or getting a piece of equipment that cannot be produced, and the delay in finding a professional to debug it, seriously affecting the production schedule.


Suntech has rich experience in equipment customization and diversified to meet customers' requirements for customization of main and auxiliary equipment configuration and assembly processes. The delivery time of meltblown machines is as short as 15 days, and the delivery time of mask machines is as short as 3-10 days.


Suntech has perfect after-sales service and the equipment warranty period is as long as 13 months. It provides a full range of overseas technical support and assists customers in equipment debugging to ensure that customers can smoothly produce qualified meltblown cloth and masks in a short time.


3. Quality of key components of meltblown machine


The principle of the melt blowing process is to use high-speed hot air blowing to make the polymer melt stream extruded by the screw extruder extremely stretched to form ultra-fine fibers. The ultra-fine fibers are condensed on the mesh curtain or drum to form a fiber web , And rely on self-bonding to become a non-woven fabric.


The working principle of the melt blown cloth is not simply to block the virus, but to adsorb the virus on the melt blown cloth through the electrostatic adsorption effect. The filtering performance of the meltblown cloth itself is about 35%, and the filtering performance can be increased to 95% after the electret treatment has an electrostatic effect. Therefore, the key function of meltblown machine is not only spinning, but also electret treatment.


Principle of electret processor: Combine online processing on the melt blown production line or independently process the finished melt blown filter material. After the fiber is ejected from the melt-blown nozzle hole, it is bombarded by charged protons such as electrons or ions, making the fiber substrate become an electret. After the equipment is processed by the electret processor, it can effectively improve the filtration efficiency of the material.


It can be seen that the core components of the melt blower are the spinneret and the pole body processor.


The spinneret of Suntech meltblown machine adopts Japan's leading technology, using German Demagi CNC machining center and Italian Fidia gantry five-axis high-speed milling, and fluid polishing. The pore size of the spinneret can reach 0.25mm, and the air-drawing is 1-4μm. The spinneret is fine and uniform, and the meltblown filtration rate is high enough to ensure the filterability and air permeability of the material.


Suntech meltblown machine adopts electrostatic electret treatment with long-term charge storage function, which can generate static electricity inside the meltblown, and the produced meltblown cloth can effectively adsorb and lock bacteria, thereby improving the filtration efficiency of the meltblown cloth.


In addition, the filter device (screen changer) and metering pump are also the core components of the meltblown machine.


The filter screen of the special screen changer for meltblown cloth is a textile wire mesh disk or a stainless steel mesh disk. Usually several layers of different meshes form a group. The outer coarse mesh is stronger and prevents larger particles from entering the inner fine mesh prematurely. The finer inner mesh can filter the smaller solid particles in the melt stream. If the pressure reaches the set value, the extrusion volume is significantly reduced, and the power consumption of the screw extruder increases, the filter should be replaced in time.


The function of the metering pump is to accurately measure, continuously convey the melt-blown PP material melt to the melt-blown die, and generate a predetermined pressure to ensure that the melt can overcome the resistance of the components and the spinneret to be ejected from the spinneret to form a melt Body trickle.


All components of the Suntech meltblown machine are carefully selected and well-made. All components are produced according to high standards, unified specifications, and perfect fit to ensure equipment quality, reduce equipment failure rate, and ensure output effects.

4. Mask material

Of course, if you feel that the investment in the melt blown machine is too large, you can also directly buy the melt blown cloth. Suntech also provides mask materials such as melt blown cloth and spunbonded non-woven fabric, which can meet the requirements of I/II/IIR, 1/2/ Level 3 and KN95/N95, FFP1/FFP2/FFP3 and other mask production requirements, specifications, weight, color, etc. can be customized, 26 tons per day can be shipped, and the delivery time is short. High cost performance, all materials have Intertek, TUV, SGS, GTTC and other certificates, and some customers have used the mask machine and mask materials of Stacey to make masks and passed local inspection.