The LYCRA Co. Introduces T859 LYCRA HyFit® Fiber

From: Textile World Asia
publisher: Sean
Time: 2019-04-02
Summary: its latest spandex/elastane innovation for the global personal care industry.
its latest spandex/elastane innovation for the global personal care industry. 

WILMINGTON, Del. — March 19, 2019 — The LYCRA Co. announced today that it will be exhibiting at IDEA19, where it will unveil T859 LYCRA HyFit® fiber, its latest spandex/elastane innovation for the global personal care industry. Converting to T859 LYCRA HyFit fiber offers manufacturers of diapers, adult incontinence and feminine hygiene products significant cost savings in addition to the following benefits:

  • Cuts overall elastic consumption by approximately 20 percent;
  • Delivers more meters per kilogram of fiber by replacing heavier decitex with lighter decitex which leads to fewer package-to-package transfers;
  • Fewer package transfers should result in increased diaper line uptime;
  • Decreases amount of product handling and warehouse space required;
  • Produces a more environmentally-friendly product with a smaller carbon footprint; and
  • reduces emissions and transportation costs through regional product sourcing.

A patent application has been filed for T859 Lycra HyFit fiber, which is being manufactured in Waynesboro, Va., before production rolls out to global facilities. Product samples will be available in each region so that customers may begin their own evaluation and qualification process. As with all Lycra brand fibers, this innovation is backed by unmatched technical support that helps diaper manufacturers keep their operations running efficiently.

“The Lycra Company is committed to advancing the hygiene industry by innovating products that meet the consumer’s need for exceptional comfort and fit while also helping our customers achieve their goals,” said Scott Blackadar, president, personal care. “We developed T859 Lycra HyFit fiber to help manufacturers reduce their operating costs and carbon footprint without sacrificing a garment’s quality or performance, or the consumer’s wearing experience.”

The Lycra HyFit booth at IDEA19 will be a place to discover everything new about the hygiene industry’s leading stretch fiber brand — from its logo, website and “Making Waves” marketing campaign to the new company behind it all — The Lycra Company. On January 31, 2019, Shandong Ruyi Investment Holding purchased INVISTA’s Apparel & Advanced Textiles business unit, which now operates as an independent subsidiary of one of the leading textile and apparel companies in China.

ST-KFIM-01 is suitable for a wide range of fabrics, from tension-sensitive elastomeric and lycra fabrics to stable woven, technical and upholstery materials. 
ST-SFIM is suitable for a wide range of fabric,from tension-sensive elastomeric and lycra fabrics to stable woven,technical and upholstery materials.

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