Pakistan Resumed Cotton Import Tariffs When New Cotton Picking Begun

Time: 2017-10-09
Summary: Pakistani cotton picking has already begun , Government has resumed cotton import tariffs and sales taxes
   According to the latest forecast by the US Agricultural Counselor, Pakistan's cotton production in 2017/18 will reach 9 million bales (1.96 million tonnes), slightly lower than the US Department of Agriculture's forecast, mainly due to the decrease in acreage in Pakistan and no increase in yields.

   It is understood that the July-August monsoon rainfall in Pakistan was significantly lower than the average level, so cotton crops irrigation have a large extent dependent on groundwater. Though Pakistan cotton is weak against the pink cotton bollworm, it did not cause much impact temporarily. At present, Pakistani cotton picking has already begun. It may affect the production and quality of cotton if has rainfall in September.

   According to the latest news, Pakistani government has resumed cotton import tariffs and sales taxes. Cotton import cost increased by about 9%. The implementation of this policy in the cotton picking period contributes to cotton harvest and reduces the amount of cotton imports at the same time. According to the Pakistan's official preliminary forecast, Pakistan's cotton imports in 2016/17 may less than 2.2 million bales (480,000 tonnes).

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