2016 International Events Review

2016 International Events Review


2016 International Events Review

2016.02.18--President Barack Obama will visit Cuba. This will be the first visit to Cuba by the US presidency for more than 80 years.

2016.03.13--Ankara's car bombing has killed at least 34 people,125 people were injured. This was the second attack in Turkey within a month.

2016.04.14--Basketball star Bryant retired.

2016.06.23--Britain decided to leave the EU, Prime Minister David Cameron announced his resignation.

2016.06.25--Michael Jackson died seven years.

2016.07.13--Theresa took over Cameron, became Britain's new prime minister, also she is the second female prime minister in British history.

2016.08.05--The 31th Summer Olympic Games will be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

2016.09.04--Hangzhou will hold the summit of the Group of Twenty leaders.

2016.10.05--Apple founder Steve Jobs died five years.

2016.10.17--Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft was successfully launched.

2016.11.08--The 58th US presidential election.