The China Steel cost is rising, textile machine industry is facing the challenges and opportunities

publisher: debbie
Time: 2016-11-11
Summary: Textile machine industry is facing the challenges and opportunities because of the cost rising of China Steel
The cost is strong, supply growth slowed down and low inventory, in which the combined effect of several factors, the domestic spot steel prices rose sharply. 

According to the latest market report provided by the famous steel information organization "My Steel", the domestic spot steel price index closed at 109.92 points and up 5.21% in the week. Recently, the black varieties of futures prices is higher strength, billet prices rose to 2,400 yuan. At present, steel prices will be strong, the market turnover has improved, but not yet reached the extent of significant heavy volume.

Analysis of relevant institutions that despite the current high risk of domestic steel market is constantly gathered, but the short term, the price there is a certain momentum ascribed. How to maintain an appropriate pace between production and sales, it is worth the parties concerned in the steel industry chain.

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