Chinese Textile Supplier is Searching Path for Returning to World Factory

publisher: lisa
Time: 2016-11-01
Summary: Chinese Textile Supplier is Searching Path for Returning to World Factory

At present, China's textile and garment industry is facing six major changes.

1.In the background of the less global demand, the advantages of Europe and America and Irapid development of India, Vietnam and other countries makes international competition more intense.

2.Procurement pattern decentralized. In recent years, China in the United States, Japan, Europe, the proportion of the three major markets continued to decline.

3.Globalization dividends are dwindling.

4.Chinese market changed. Market demand began to focus on the product transition to experience.

5.The Internet economy is rising rapidly.Industry new model, new format is constantly appearing.

6.Market potential is rising constantly.


Chinese textile supplier is searching path for returning to world factory. Suntech is focusing on customer all the time.

Bangladesh is one of the biggest textile countries in the world,Suntech is occupying market with customer experience.We also have many customer in Bangladesh,such as:OPEX GROUP,APEX GROUP,DBL GROUP,VIYALLATEX GROUP,BEXIMCO GROUP,PARTEX DENIM,THERMAX GROUP,ESQUIRE KNIT COMPOSITE LTD,SOORTY DENIMSOORTY DENIM,SOORTY DENIM,AMBER COTTON,HAMEEM DENIM and etc.

Below machines are very popular in Bangladesh:

ST-BS Beam Stacker , ST-ARPM Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine

ST-DFLM Double Folding&Lapping Machine, ST-WFIM Woven Fabric Inspection Machine, ST-BM Batching Machine

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