2016 Apparel & Textile Sourcing Toronto

publisher: LISA
Time: 2016-08-03
Summary: 2016 Apparel & Textile Sourcing Toronto


        2016 Apparel & Textile Sourcing Toronto

The exhibition of 2016 apparel & textile sourcing toronto will be held in 23-25th August(Tuesday to Thureday) in the international centre in Canada.

The exhibition is divided into Clothing Area,Home Textile Area and Fabric Accessories Area.Including casual wear, outdoor clothing, leather clothing, suits, jeans, children's clothes that occupy the home, business attire, all kinds of residential and commercial textiles and various accessories, etc.

For a long time,Canada didn’t have a professional textile apparel exhibition,and only a small percentage of the 200000 small and medium-sized professional buyers will visit exhibition and purchase abroad,so Canada has a lot of purchasing demands from foreign suppliers.This exhibition filled in the blank,that in Canada didn’t have a professional textile apparel exhibition.

Suntech wish,that 2016 apparel & textile sourcing toronto will be held successfully.

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