The Update of 4-points system on Fabric Inspection Machine

publisher: Amy
Time: 2016-07-17
Summary: The Update of Defect Inspection System on Fabric Inspection Machine

4-Points System,also named Defect Inspection System.This system is  installed  the fabric inspection machine to inspect fabric defects. It is to record the defects, shifts, batchs... The printer could be equipped also, to record the weight.

1.How to operate our previous 4-Point System?

1) Install the software into the computer and connected the computer with the machine

2) You need identify 24 defects onto the software in the computer and the computer will record some general information you input like date, order, shift, operator's name, in the copmputer

3) When the operator found defects when inspecting, manully stop the machine, select defects and give penalty from 1-4 serious degree on operation panel.

4) the computer will record the type, the position and the serious degree of the detects. The printer prints the results.

2.How to operate our New 4-Point System?

1)You could identify 24 defects onto the keyboard directly , like date, order, shift, etc.

2)When the operator found defects when inspecting, manully stop the machine,

and the operator could press the specific key on the keyboard directly,and then the inforamtion of defects will be showed in the operation panel.

This update will be more convenience for record defect's information when inspecting the fabric defects.

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