New Year, New Start-Suntech

New Year, New Start-Suntech

The Chinese Spring Festival has ended. Suntech teams come back from the 7-day holiday for servicing the customers with high enthusiasm.

We received the Lucky Money from company, hope everything will go well all year.

In new year 2016, our product and service quality will continue to improve to satisfy the customers from all over the world. We will improve the "Made in China" Brand, will be full of social responsibility!

Hot Selling Products:

1. ST-HRM Fabric Rolling Measuring Machine, which is widely used by fabric dealers and garment factories.

2. ST-ARPM Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine.

3. ST-BS Automatic Beam Stacker

4. ST-KFIM Knitted Fabric Inspection Machine

5. ST-WFIM Woven Fabric Inspection Machine