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Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine

What are the differences between the two models of Suntech ST-TFSM-01 & ST-TFSM-02?

The 2 models of Suntech ST-TFSM-01 and ST-TFSM-02 are both for slitting open tubular fabrics:And the differences between standard ST-TFSM-01 and ST-TFSM-02 are:1) Automatic Level: ST-TFSM-01--Fully Automatic, ST-TFSM-02--Semi Automatic;2) Suitable Fabric Type: ST-TFSM-01--Wet, Semi-Wet and Dry Fabrics, ST-TFSM-02--Dry Fabrics;3) Inlet Form: ST-TFSM-01--Plaited Fabrics, ST-TFSM-02--Roll of Tubular Fabric;4) Search of Needle Drop: ST-TFSM-01--Automatically, ST-TFSM-02--Manually;5) Suitable Fabric Width: ST-TFSM-01--2~3m, ST-TFSM-02--1.8~4m.Customer should choose the machine type according to the actual situation and requirements.But whenever there's special requirements, customer can also tell Suntech to customize the suitable machine.SUNTECH ST-TFIM-01:SUNTECH ST-TFSM-02:

What is the Fabric Type for Tubular Fabric Slitting Machine?

Tubular fabric slitting machine is used to open/slitting tubular fabric in dyeing and finishing procession. There are two main types of tubular fabric slitting machine for choice, to meet different demand:ST-TFSM-01:It is mainly applicable after rope dyeing. It is used to slit and open roped fabric, and specially designed for continuous high speed operation in automatic mode.The machine material could be A3 steel or Stainless Steel. So the fabric could be:1. Dry fabric2. Semi-wet fabric3. Wet fabricST-TFSM-02:It allows the cutting and opening of tubular raw fabric from roll. The cut on the fold of the fabric is made by a disk cutter. The fabric for this model, could be dry only.