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Beam Stacker

Can PLC of Beam Stacker Connect with SAP System?

PLC of ST-BS Beam Stacker can connect with SAP system of our customer to achieve function,which can monitor the storage information of beams. We need to change the PLC and touch screen.ItemCurrent ModelNew ModelPLCJAPANESE OMRON(CP1L-L14DR-D)JAPANESE OMRON( CP1L-M40DR)Touching ScreenTAIWANESE WEINVIEW(TK6070)TAIWANESE WEINVIEW(MT8071iE) 

How to maintain Beam Stacker

ST-BS Beam Stacker is the best solution for storage of warp beam/size beam/weaving beam/fabric roll,which is widely applicable in the weaving preparation workshop,weaving unit and finishing unit for space utilization and to avoid damage of ready warp/fabric roll.How to maintain Beam Stacker?1.The base of motor must be horizontal.2.Align keyway during installation.3.During bolt fastening process,please make sure flat washer&spring washer are well placed.4.Check whether the bolt is loose in each month.5.During operation you have to listen,and see whether there will be any abnormal sound from the motor.6.What's more you also need to do periodic cleaning for motor.

How much does it cost for Suntech installation service?

Generally Suntech Machines are very easy to install. But when customer needs, Suntech can provide the machine installation service by sending engineer overseas.And in this case, customer needs to pay the round-trip air ticket, hotel, food, local transportation and engineer's pocket money(USD50/day*days cost for travelling). 

What's the Beam Stacker?

Beam Stacker (ST-BS) is the best solution for storage of warp beam/ size beam/ fabric roll, which is widely applicable in the weaving preparation workshop, weaving unit and finishing unit for space utilization and to avoid damage of ready/ fabric roll. They are available in different models for handling each particular situlation. For example, loading and unloading can be undertake from one postion to several positions at one or different level.It's fully automatic, intelligent and space saving.

How to protect the beam teeth in the beam stacker

Our beam stacker can hold 100pcs beams.According to our experience, we usedstandard lanyards will not leave marks on the beam teeth, we have sold more than 300 sets of axes library using our standard landyards.Also, we can add plastic protextion sleeve on the lanyards. 

How to ensure the safety of beam loading?

To ensure double guarantee for the beam loading, we recommend to use two piece of loading chain  for each side .One is for loading the other is for safety ( This safety chains  should be one or two cm longer than the loading chains.)  But we need an Extra Charge,for the safety loading chain is 5.7USD/PC.Increase the safety lanyards is OK, incur additional costs, the average price of 5.7USD / PC.