How to maintain the battery and how long the machine's battery last?

1. Battery charging time is generally 8 hours, we suggest equalizing charge once a month. For new machine, it must be charged 12 hours for first three times. The using life of the battery will be harmed if not operated by principle.

2. The use of battery: It could be used 4 to 6 hours under continuous use condition; It could be used 8 hours under discontinuous use condition.

3. Using life: It is not calculated on the basis of year. It is generally discarded after 700 times charging and discharging. When customer asks how many years, it should be depend on the using frequency.

4. The motor connects with battery is DC motor(24V)

The weight of battery is a little heavy, it is about 100kgs. It is convenient for replace and not convenient for handling during replacement.

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