Why the packing effect is not good? Why there is crease in the packed roll?

  First of all, I have to say it is fabric roll packing machine, it has no crease eliminate function. You need to make sure there is no crease on your fabric roll before packing. Then please kindly check below information one by one:

  1) Please kindly check the PE film, whether it is correct and in good quality; thickness 60-80 Microns;

  2 ) Please kindly check if the sealing cutter temperature is appropriate:

Normally it is around 125-130℃,but it could be adjusted as per the actual situation.

  3) Make clearance and maintenance for the sealing cutter.

Please clear the cutter and cover ‘Anti-Adhesive Oil’ or Laundry Soup on the Teflon Surface regularly. 

  4) Please kindly check the temperature of Heat Chamber:

Normally it is around 180-200℃, but it could be adjusted as per the actual situation.

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