ST-DFSM Why the folding is not equal most of the time about Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine

Here is steps for you to follow before operating
a.Pls check the centering roller at the feeding place. Its function is avoiding fabric deviation.
b.Adjust the triangle frame to make the fabric at center position.
c.Pls adjust the the edge-alignment raster on the limited bar and install on a correct position where it can detect the fabric edge. When operating, the edge-alignment raster can move left or right to make the fabric folded selvedge to selvedge.
d.Before running, the operator needs feed the fabric though the machine by hand. Make sure it is in the center before folded, and make sure it is selvedge to selvedge before sewing from the feeding position to the exit position. If the operator didn't feed the fabric correctly, the edge alignment raster will not align accurately for a good effect.
automatic tube-sewing machine

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