How to align the fabric edges well on Fabric Folding Machine?

1- Take off all the fabric from fabric folding machine.

2- Check the cloth guiders, make sure the distance between two side clothe guiders to two side beams is same.

3- Set the button of "sensitiveness adjusting" between 6 & 7.

4- After finishing above three steps, loading the fabric on fabric folding machine, After fabric folded by triangle frame, the folded fabric will go through the edge-alignment raster. Make sure the fabric edge is in the detecting range of edge-alignment raster.

5- Then start the machine, running the machine for a short time, then stop the machine.

6- At the position of edge-alignment raster, please check which side of the fabric edge is deviating. Then turn the "balance adjusting" button to make the raster moving to the contrary side, until the doubled edges are well aligned. So the balance adjusting is in the best parameter. Re-start the machine, it will work properly.

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