Can ST-ARPM Automatic Fabric Roll Packing Machine add printing?

Usually we add this function onto the inspection machine,not packing machine. We have faults recording system to record the general information and the faults/defects information, so we can install this system to work with printer, then can print out two types self-adhesive lable.

1.One type is general information like date, order No.,batch no.,operator's name,color etc.

2.Another type is faults/defects information like defect type,location&penalty.

But if you want to add the lable function into packing machine,we just can add automatic weighing device to print out lable which just showed roll weight in the lable. And this weighing device can be also added into inspection machine with the recording system.

PAY YOUR ATTENTION: All the self-adhesive lables need to manual paste on rolls, cannot paste automatically after printed out.

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