How does Suntech ST-DFSM Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine control the fabric edges?

Suntech ST-DFSM Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine is used for sewing open width knitted fabric into tubular fabric for dyeing purpose.

As there's curled edges on knitted fabrics, the curled edges need to be opened so the sewing can be aligned well.

To achieve curled edge control on Suntech ST-DFSM Automatic Tube-Sewing Machine, there are strict curled edge control system on the machine:

1) 01 set of scroll roll is in the input part to help open the fabric ednge;

2) 01 set of mechanical de-curling system before sewing carriage to make sure the edge alignment sensor can detect the fabric edges;

3) 01 set of electrical de-curling system works with 01 set of air-blowing system to open the fabric edges for accurate sewing.

With above devices, the fabric curled edges can be opened totally before sewing to achieve accurate sewing effect.

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