How To Transport The Big Fabric Roll

We have four kinds of machines for transporting the big fabric roll :

ST-HBT-01 Hydraulic Big Fabric Roll Transport Trolley

ST-MBT-01 Motorized Big Fabric Roll Transport Trolley

ST-HBT-08 Hydraulic  Batch Trolley

ST-MBT-08 Motorized Big Batch Transport Trolley

The Advantage of ST-HBT-01 and ST-MBT-01:the bucket of ST-MBT-08 should incline and then the big batch will fall down to the ground.It is not place directly to ground vertically or horizentally.

The defect of ST-HBT-08 and ST-MBT-08:using HOOK to fix the big batch, so it will be very conveinient to load and unload the big batch vertically. Esepcially when unload,it could place batch to ground verically.